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Answering All Your Questions

Sure-Bright Commercial Cleaning in Connecticut provides answers to all your frequently asked questions.

How many times a week should my business be serviced?
That all depends on the number of people in the building, square footage, amount of space normally occupied, and whether it’s open to the public. We will work with you to develop cost-efficient daily, weekly or monthly schedules.

Are the people working for Sure-Bright identifiable and trustworthy?
Yes, they all wear uniforms. They usually work in the same geographic areas, so you will get to know them, and all are insured and bonded. All of our employees have undergone background checks and drug screenings. We’re sure you’ll find them to be hard-working, reliable, and courteous.

How are variations in cleaning techniques used by different employees?
There is a routine for everything we do. In this way, things aren’t missed; things aren’t forgotten. Each employee receives the same training and is taught the Sure-Bright routine for handling all cleaning duties. There are set ways to work through the building. This routine ranges from basic items like how to replace trashcan liners to the proper techniques for dusting, vacuuming, wiping down fixtures, cleaning floors, and sanitizing. This routine provides the kind of consistency that Sure-Bright customers have come to expect.

Do you use environmentally sensitive cleaning products and techniques?
Yes, our long list of state-of-the-art equipment includes products from world-leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor environmental cleaning solutions and specialty floor coatings. Our industrial and commercial sweepers, scrubbers, coatings, detergents, carpet cleaning equipment, vacuums, floor machines, and burnishers are designed to deliver cleaning solutions without the use of harsh chemicals. Our auto-scrubbers feature Tennent’s echo-2, which electrically converts plain tap water into a powerful cleaning solution for chemical performance with earth-friendly results. This same water ionization process comes in a spray form, to use on surfaces such as glass, tables, countertops, and bathroom fixtures and for spot removal.

What’s the secret to Sure-Bright success?
It all comes down to customer service. We stay in close contact with business owners and facility managers, making sure that all expectations are either being met or exceeded. When they sign with Sure-Bright, building maintenance no longer needs to be one of their concerns; we are there to sweat the details. Being a family-owned, independent company, customers know they can always call either Chris or Patsy Heller with any questions or concerns. That’s how to build a solid, loyal customer base.


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